Our Menus and Prices



Celebration Cold Fork Buffet Menu - £10.75 per person  


•Your Choice of 1 of the following:

                 - Platter of cold sliced meats, (including Ham, Salami and Chicken Breast)

                 - Platter of Fish and Crab cakes

                 - Handmade Mediterranean Vegetable Quiche

•Cheeseboard of a selection of English and French Cheeses with grapes, apples and celery sticks.

•Bread Basket of a selection of Artisan Plain and Flavoured Breads with a balsamic vinegar and olive oil dip or butter portions  

•Choice of 2 of the following salad platters:

                 - Classic Green Salad – classic mixture of green leaves, cucumber, tomatoes, celery and red onion

                 - Mixed Bean Salad with either a Sweet Chilli Vinaigrette dressing OR a mint Vinaigrette Dressing

                 - Pasta salad – with cherry tomatoes, sweetcorn, mixed peppers, and herbs with a garlic olive oil dressing.

                 - Roasted Vegetable Cous cous salad –  roasted peppers, courgettes and aubergines, with lemon and pepper cous cous and an olive oil dressing.

                - Turmeric Rice Salad with diced vegetables and fresh herbs.

                - Potato salad – with cucumber, spring onions, herbs and a mayonnaise and yoghurt dressing.

•Your choice of  1 of the following:

                - Chicken Satay skewers

                - Sticky Barbeque Chicken Wings

                - Prawn Platter with a Spicy Mango or Thousand  Island Dip

                - Vegetable Samosas and Vegetable Spring Rolls

          •Your choice of 2 of the following:                

                             - Selection of decorative cupcakes (Chocolate, Vanilla, Lemon)

- Plain or fruit Scones with Jam and Clotted Cream

- Whole Gateaux (Lemon, Vanilla/Raspberry, Chocolate, Coffee and Walnut)

                - Individual Meringue Nests filled with sweet cream and seasonal fruits

- Strawberries dipped in Dark, Milk and White chocolate

- Mini Profiteroles with chocolate sauce

Iced Lemon OR Iced Chocolate Fingers

•Decorative fresh fruit platter

•Selection of after dinner mints.



Our entire range of buffets are set out in our Menu Booklet.  For a copy, please Contact Us and we will happily email or post it to you.  Alternatively, click on the links below to see the Menus which most interest you.


All our Prices are inclusive of delivery to your home or venue within most Coventry Postcodes. Outside of these a small delivery charge will apply (see our terms and conditions for more information).  All buffets are served on disposable platterwear, include disposable plates and napkins and when delivered will be placed on your allocated buffet tables.

Sandwich Menus - Also known as Finger Buffets, these are perfect for any occasion where uncomplicated, good quality food is the order of the day.  Birthdays, anniversaries, evening buffets, Funeral Wakes, these menus are suitable for them all.  All have choices for you to ensure it is tailored to the tastes of yourselves and your guests.  


Prices start from £4.95 per person

Fork Buffet Menus - Including our Celebration Platter, these menus are more substantial, offer more variety and will impress your guests at Weddings, Christenings, Communions or dinner parties.  All have choices to ensure the menu is tailored to your tastes.


Prices start from £8.75  per person

Children's Party Menu - Take the stress out of organising a children's birthday party, by ordering our Party Buffet, designed specifically with kids in mind.  It offers a balance of nutrition and treats, with a range of foods to ensure that all your little guests will enjoy their birthday tea.  Handmade Cupcakes will be decorated to fit your colour theme and extra cupckaes can be ordered for the adults, for just 75p each  At our price - why do it yourself??!!  


Price - £3.90 per head


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